Installing Diskover Data on Truenas Scale 23.10.2

Hello. I’m struggling with Discover. Unfortunately, the storage configuration only works with the standard IX volumes. However, there is always deploying. I tried using Host Path, but I always get error messages during installation. I created a dataset for Discover. Does anyone know the correct settings?

Try to unset and set again the Apps pool.

What does using host path mean? Are you using the validation or not? Which error do you get?

Exactly, what are you trying to achieve?

I would like to achieve an overview of the files on the NAS. If I don’t change any settings during the installation, it will be completed but still deploying after 2 days. If I change the storage settings from IX to Hostpath, for example with Photoprism, I get error messages.

None of us here has a working crystal ball. How exactly are you configuring things, and what exactly is the error message?

Excuse me. Using Syncthing as an example, I created a dataset. During the installation I then selected the dataset in Syncthing Config Storage via Host Path. When I do this on Diskover I get the message:

[EFAULT] Failed to install App: Persistence - Expected [configl to exist on list, but list contained [data, esdatal on type.

If I leave everything on iXVolume the installation completes but it stays on Deploying. It then says:

Back-off restarting failed container diskoverdata in pod diskoverdata-elasticsearch-9d8f58db6-q6sqd_ix-diskoverdata(19593433-89f1-45bd-9d7e-b06f790b98cf)

Well, this app is pretty well undocumented, so all I can do is guess–but I’d first guess that you don’t want the config on a host path; you’d rather want to mount an additional host path somewhere like /data to give the app access to whatever of your data you wanted it to catalog.

But when I do that, it’s stuck in “deploying” for me as well–but unlike you, I don’t get any error message at all. Might be worth putting in a bug ticket on Github.

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