Installing TrueNAS Scale Zoneminder or Shinobi

Hello, I would like to ask for your help with TrueNAS, how to install some good NVR app under TrueNAS scale. Eg: Zoneminder or Shinobi? Where can I find some help on the net?

If they’re Not available as an app, you can deploy them yourself as a custom App.

Use Frigate or deploy Shinobi as a custom-app, there’s instructions on the old forums for Shinobi

I see, I found an older video for Zoneminder, but unfortunately I’m a complete beginner. So I haven’t really figured out how to do it.
Maybe there is a good description or video for this (or a similar application) that I could use to install it?

I don’t go on these forums often but on the old forum there was a thread for Shinobi with screenshots, basically the same steps, create mounts for anything mounted in the Docker-Compose and figure out the permissions.