Internal or External: Certificate 'freenas_default' has expired

I’m new to this forum and have version TrueNAS-12.0-U7. I researched the forum and found the post on how to renew TrueNAS certificate. My issuer shows as external. Are the steps in the tutorial the same for external and internal?

My certificate shows it expired 4-12-24. What are the repercussions/issues if certificate is not updated? I use TrueNAS for very basic backup and haven’t experienced any issues so far. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

None, really. You’ll get a different certificate error when you access the web UI, that’s really it.

These instructions should still be accurate, or at least close enough:

Thank you Dan for the quick reply. If that’s the case, I think I’ll leave the expired certificate “as is” to avoid risk of screwing up what is otherwise a reliable system. Greatly appreciate your time. Thank you again.