Iocage jail Plex on Core -> plexinc/pms-docker container on Scale?

I currently run the pkg plexmediaserver-plexpass in an iocage jail on Core. I already have my plexdata folder residing outside the jail, so I have two Mount Points, one for the plexdata and one for all the media. It looks like this:

Plex is one application I want to run as a kubernetes?/docker? container on Scale if I migrate. I don’t want to rely on iXsystems or some third party for updates. I see Plex has an official docker container plexinc/pms-docker (or linuxserver/plex seems more updated but again I don’t really want a third party here) I’m fine with not being on the bleeding edge even though I have Plexpass, I just want it to work.

Here is what I’m looking at deploying (an imgur link rather than embedding the screenshot because it’s very long)

I think I missed adding the transcode volume, not sure if that is necessary or not? I also might need to environment variables PLEX_UID and PLEX_GID for permissions. But does everything else look correct? I’m just currently messing around with Scale in a VM before I actually take the plunge and update my actual Core system.

You may be more comfortable running the Plex docker image in a Sandbox ie Linux Jail using Jailmaker.

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No, I don’t want to use third party software. And a container is fine.

I’ve managed Debian Linux with docker compose files but setting it up as a kubernetes container in the Scale GUI is unfamiliar. I think with my long screenshotted config I’m probably 90% there but just wanted someone to confirm.