Is Data recorder application feasible on a True NAS Core system?

Hi All,

Hi- I am bit new to TrueNAS. Though I have read some basics before asking this feasibility question either “Yes” or “No”

I want to know, if we can develop a Data recorder application on this True NAS core.

Data recorder here means where some C/python based/shell script will be recording data from various interfaces like USB, etherne, Audio, Camera, wifi Bluetooth and writing the data continously to the memory pool disk in some data base like MySQL on the True NAS core after encryption.

At a later stage, I should be able to decrypt all this data and play it back on another system after reading from the database residing on the disk.

In principle, yes.
But if data acquisition is done by the NAS, you may need to set up a jail or VM so you can install the required drivers for exotic peripherals (audio, camera, WiFi, Blutooth).

Thanks for the updates.
Have few more queries for better clarity as I am new to deeper NAS concepts.

1)Can we write our own application to log the data by not using NAS? Is it possible.
2)Imagine we use jail or VM method to log the data, we need to still write our application to interact with the drivers of various peripherals to receive the data and write to the disk.

Pls clarify.

I’m not sure I understand your question.

A NAS provides storage, not computing.
If data is collected by another computer which is attached to the network, this computer can access a share on the NAS to store data.

Thanks for the info.

My question was can we develop data recorder application on the NAS server itself?

By writing applications in c/python/etc to collect data continuously for various interfaces like audio, ethernet, ADC, camera, USB etc on top of NAS server itself.

Could you please reply to my previous query.

You can develop whatever you like inside a jail or a VM. I don’t know why you care that development take place on the NAS; that seems like a very odd requirement. But there’s no reason you couldn’t.

Thanks for the information.
As I am bit new to NAS concepts, I am asking thse query based on our project requirements feasibility before going forward.

In this scenario where you are interfacing with various hardware devices, it would probably make more sense to use a virtual machine, and then pass through devices.

This would allow drivers to be installed/compiled/loaded as necessary and abstract the vm from the underlying NAS.

You would most likely mount the dataset via NFS. And that would mean the VM would not even have to be hosted on the NAS.

ok. I understand that we need to install VM on our True NAS core itself. Is it right?
If you dont mind could you point me to some usecase where they have successfully installed Virtual machine and configured it on a True NAS core hardware.

Ok.Also I can develop my data recorder application using c/python on this VM itself which is isolated seperately from the under lying True NAS core. Am i right?

Want to know are there any prebuilt data recording application packages already supported by True NAS so that we can directly install them and use?

Did not understand why should we mount dataset via NFS?
I thought we would installing VM on the TrueNAS system itself and NAS system would be hosting the VM.
Please could you explain this elaborately.