Is fujitsu d3446-s21 gs3 a valid option?

Hi all,

actually im running my nas based on a motherboard that lack of ECC support… but i have see an used motherboard at a good price, the fujitsu d3446-s21 gs3, and im thinking about buy it.

From what i see

  • it should support my i3 7100t (that fix my need, at least for the moment)
  • it should support ecc and no-ecc RAM (OFC i Will buy ecc, but meanwhile i can at least try the motherboard, before switch system)
  • it has Intel nic
  • It has 6 SATA Port plus 1 msata (but if i ready well, using it disable a SATA Port) that fix my need anyway

Despite, the things that are not good for me

  • he’s Atx, and not fit my case… but im lucky to have one to swap
  • he lack native NVME ports, and i have 2 NVME disks now… i dont understand if bifurcation is supported, so i can buy and install a pci-ex espansion card (that support 4 disks, that can be good in case i need to expand my pool in future) or have to use a single adapter on 2 pci-ex slot

Something else in missing?

other info:

Intel Core CPUs do not support x4x4x4x4, only x8x4x4.
For 50E, 6 SATA ports and 4x4 bifurcation you could consider Gigabyte MC12-LE0 instead. Same DDR4 ECC UDIMM (but possibly at higher speed).

i literally miss that part :exploding_head: neither pentium/xeon did, so is not viable buy a controller like that… I wouldn’t have minded installing 4 nvme at all

i have read that post (from the ecc/noecc thread) and search something but i didnt find it for less than 100€\120€, and nothing in my country (shipping can be very expensive). Plus i don’t have a CPU, but i dont think that will be hard to find (but don’t know how can cost).


Thanks for the tips!

Since you gave a price in euros, I assumed you’re in the EU and shipping from Germany would be reasonable.
CPUs for this B550 board would be a Ryzen 4000 or 5000 (minus the few which do not support ECC)—quite cheap.

At the end, i have bought that fujitsu.
1€ shipping (provided from a promo on the selling platform), plus a bit more discount from seller… i take that for just 43€ (less than i spent from last consumer mainboard :disguised_face: ).
I have to resume my old atx case (i was planning to change case anyway, the actual is good but can’t handle more than 4 disks), and buy another pcie to nvme controller for restore my pools. Obv after a lot of tests (as always when buyng used parts).
The AMD solution was certain better upon some point of view… but with the small investment done I get rid of the thought of non-ecc rams (finally!!)

ChatGPT is guessing, having you got a reference that proves it right?

Not at all, the only evidence of bifurcation support i found are on chipset and not on specific mainboard…
So for sure chat gpt can be wrong.
But at the moment i discard the idea of 4 NVME anyway, so i put that on 2° place.

Edit: forget to post that:

This was part of my prompt when i ask tò the ai

Hi guys, yesterday i received the mainboard.
Visually inspecting it, looks really like new and well keeped.
Got time today for do some quick test (dont have yet all the components for keep up both system :face_exhaling: ) and im glad that all seems working fine… so now I can proceed with getting what I’m missing to end the build, and start more accurate tests.
I have already order a NVME/pci-ex adapter (same as the one im using from months without any issue) for install both of the disk i have; i have buy a celeron G3930T for literally 3€, for switch the i3 (that support ecc) so i can keep old system up for all the time i will need (hoping the celeron can handle all service i have up right now :laughing: ).
The thing i understimate is the RAM… there seems to be a lack of availability of unbuffered ecc module, and if i find something the price is not even reasonable (like +200€…) despite reg module are available everywhere.
I have found (used) 2x16gb from germany on ebay at ca. 120€, or ca. 100€ from china/US eBay (but there, with like 1 or plus month delivery).
Are the 120€ from germany a reasonable price? Have you guys some “hint” to where find those kind of RAM at a better price in EU?
@Davvo i need you too here xD

ECC RAM for the Fujitsu D3446-S21 GD3, correct?


  1. DDR4 16GB 2RX8 PC4-2666V-E STND KIT HPE - Informatica Enea
  2. Samsung 16GB 2Rx8 PC4 2666V-E ECC DDR4 U DIMM UDIMM M391A2K43BB1-CTDQ | eBay
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Wow so fast ahaha

So the price is what i should expect?

I have found those, the seller have a lot of udimm, can i “skip” the compatibility he provide in the desc right?

I would not do so since we are not able to find a QVL for said motherboard.

For 16GB I guess it should be between 80 and 100.

I don’t really know this motherboard.

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I was amazed about have find a server mainboard, at the price of a consumer one (or better, at less) that could replace without much effort… But really didn’t expect those RAM price.
Those are at really good price, the mainboard mentioned supports same specs of mine, but description Is not so clear

That’s the issue with out of production hardware.

ECC UDIMM is not as popular as RDIMM for servers. And at some point the “last-seller-in-town premium” kicks in.
You have found a good price for what should be suitable RAM. @Davvo has found a seller which does list its RAM as compatible for your rather uncommon board (incidentally confirming that the board can take 32 GB modules), but that extra safety comes at double the price compared with the eBay seller. Your call…

Found those too, new at the same price of the used on ebay.
I will contact this shop, and this seller… take act that spent c.a. 120-140 is a good price, the thing will make the difference for me now, for not spent double, will be the one who provide better return policy (in case ram will be not compatible)

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Hi guys, i have made my decision, after doing some more research.
I have bought the ebay kit from Germany, they are new Samsung M391A2K43BB1-CRC. Without having a QVL, i take those modules because they are comptabile with like every C236 motherboard.
And important, i can give back with the warranty of full refund in 30 day (more than enough for test).
Really thanks to all for the tips, i will update when ram arrives

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Germans usually ship few surprises, but with RAM it’s often a lottery. Have fun!

Sorry, but i really dont get what u meaning :sweat_smile:

You don’t know wether your RAM eticks work until they arrive.

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