Is there another/proper way to transfer data than what I am doing?

I currently use Truenas core for myself and I made another system for my wife. I use SMB to transfer files to and from my NAS, and the same for hers. Now here’s the connection/performance issues.

I know it’s not ideal but I was just working with what I currently had: My PC is connected via ethernet to our Verizon Router. While my TN and her TN machines are on a SEPARATE router, bridged to the Verizon Router. Therefore I accees my TN machine via wifi.

Now my question Why is it that when I transfer from MY TN to HER TN machine via my PC, it’s giving me wifi speeds, when both are essentially hard lined to the same router? Is there a way to transfer data, not using another PC so it can send quicker? Also on that note, that means then my PC would need to be on an active to commence the transfer between the NAS systems, is there another way I could be doing this? I only learned SMB so I’m not sure where to look if there is another way.

No truly friendly GUI way (yet? ever?), but your options for copying files TrueNAS → TrueNAS on the same local network:

  • Rsync
  • SCP / SSH
  • SSH + nc and/or mbuffer

These require knowledge in the command-line. (Unlike what you’re doing now, it will bypass your PC and transfer from server-to-server directly.)

It sounds like you just want to “copy files”, and you’re not trying to replicate or backup via ZFS itself.

Exactly, I just want to copy files to and fro,
HOWEVER, I would like to start learning replication and back up with ZFS, but it’s a hard concept for me to grasp, idk if it’s because my command-line skill is lacking or something else.

I will look into and learn some more command line that you mentioned in your post, thank you!