Is there such thing as a repository that only keeps track of recent versions?

I am the only user on my NAS but I use multiple computers. The primary benefit is to use a faster desktop PC for home and a laptop for on the road.
I want to be able to check-out a file or folder to my local hard-drive, make modifications, then check back in (removing the files from my computer). While checked-out no other computer can modify the file. Git does not work for me because it keeps track of all versions. My files are large photo and movie files and I don’t want my repo to keep track of the history - resulting in a huge repo. I do want to force my laptop or PC to check in the file before I can use it on another computer. Synchronizing is a nicety but not required.

Does such a feature exist? Is there an add-in or feature that can do this?

Thanks from a new user.