Iscsi adapter?

I have a large (6tb) drive that was pulled out of an enterprise NAS that I would like to add to my TrueNAS scale NAS. I was thinking that a good way to connect it might be Iscsi. Does anyone know of a sata to iscsi adapter or a better way to connect it? I have no sata connections left so a direct connect is not possible. I dont want to use usb preferably.

Hey @davistw

If you’re out of ports, you’ll most likely want to add a Host Bus Adapter to your system. See this thread below where a user helpfully chronicles their experience.

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So, in essence you want some hardware that you want to connect to this 6TB drive and which presents the storage over the network as an iSCSI device that you can then mount on TrueNAS as if it was a disk and include it in a pool.

In other words, you want a 2nd NAS. Can I recommend TrueNAS for your 2nd NAS so it can expose the drive over iSCSI?

Thanks but $400 bucks is lot more than I want to spend. This is a home use type of thing and I dont have that much invested in the whole thing. I was hoping for something like a usb-sata adapter but instead a Iscsi-sata adapter. Thanks though…

It was posted more as a joke really

I did find a couple of Dell adapters which claimed to be iSCSI adapters, at c. $3000 each, but a) I thought that was probably more than you would likely want to spend and b) they were just 10Gb ethernet adapters which I thought were a bit pricy.

If you have a PCIe slot, then an HBA is the way to go.

I doubt you will find any hardware iSCSI targets for less than that. They typically come in the form of larger arrays, since why would someone want to go to all that work to share a single drive?

The whole question is a bit weird. If you don’t mind sharing, what is your current hardware? (motherboard, any PCIe cards and drives in use, especially)

Really there isn’t any such thing that isn’t just a whole other server. And even if there were, TrueNAS wouldn’t be able to act as a client for it.

That’s fine: Refurbished HBAs can be found for $50-$100.

Gotcha… Thanks…

That is a good thought. That would be a good solution if I can find a HBA that will work with the Dell R610 that I have running my NAS.
BTW I like your HoneyBadger name…

Something as simple as the Dell PERC H200/H310 would work, and can be re-flashed into the LSI equivalent card. As you’re using an R610 you should have enough ambient airflow that cooling would not be an issue.

Question - what is the current controller card you have in there?

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It has 2 slots. One has a SAS card and the slot is labeled internal. The other card is labeled Slot 1 PCI_G2_X8 and it is empty. Pics…