Iscsi san storage

I am a newbie to TrueNas. I would like to attach iscsi san storage to TrueNas and using it as storage pool. Is it possible to do that? My San Storage is directlly attached to my TrueNas server with fiber optic connection. How can I use this storage in truenas. I know I could add iscsi storage in windows server, but I would like to use TrueNas instead of windows. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

As far as i know, it’s not supported to mount storage to truenas.

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Correct. TrueNAS is a storage server, not a network client.

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Got it. I was hoping a way to attach the storage to my TrueNas Server. Thank you for your help.

you need to look into a DAS (direct attached storage) which then requires specific cards to use for connecting said DAS to your TrueNAS system, making it appear that the DAS is local to TrueNAS.