ISCSI Share with Chap on Windows


I’m wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a walkthrough or can give directions on setting up a iscsi share with chap for windows? All of the the directions and videos I have found only mention that you can use CHAP, but they don’t use it during the example. When I try to set it up with CHAP I get an error message of Authentication failed.

Thank you.


There can be a few reasons you might be getting an “Authentication Failed” error when setting up an iSCSI share with CHAP on Windows. Here’s how to troubleshoot and potentially fix it:

  1. Check CHAP Configuration:

Match Initiator Name and Secret: Ensure the CHAP username and secret (password) on the Windows initiator exactly match those configured on the target (storage device). Typos are a common culprit.
Double-check Case Sensitivity: Some systems are case-sensitive for CHAP credentials. Make sure capitalization is identical on both sides.
2. Verify Initiator IQN:

On Windows, the initiator name (IQN) is automatically generated. You might need to specify this name in the target CHAP HealthCare gov configuration depending on the storage device. You can find the initiator IQN in the iSCSI Initiator Properties.
3. Consider Password Complexity:

While not always the case, some target devices might have minimum password complexity requirements. Try using a longer and more complex CHAP secret than a simple password.
4. Consult Target Device Documentation:

Different storage devices might have specific CHAP configuration steps or requirements. Refer to the official documentation for your target device for detailed instructions on setting up CHAP authentication for iSCSI shares.
5. Look for Detailed Walkthroughs:

While some generic guides might not explicitly show CHAP setup, search for resources specific to your target device model and Windows version. You might find a more thorough walkthrough that includes CHAP configuration.
Here are some additional resources that might be helpful:

By carefully checking your CHAP configuration, verifying initiator IQN, and potentially using a more complex secret, you should be able to resolve the authentication error and successfully set up your iSCSI share with CHAP on Windows.

I hope the information may help you.