iSCSI volume is read only?

Good Afternoon

My iSCSI knowledge is very thin, so this might be obvious to someone else…

I created a zvol and exported it via iSCSI using the Wizard.

I connected to it from my Windows workstation via iSCSI Initiator, onlined the disk, formatted it ntfs, and copied a file on to it. Worked great!

So I disconnected the drive and then connected it to a Windows server.
It’s there, it mounted, and I can read the one file I put on the volume, but it’s marked as ‘read only’ ?

AFAIK I changed nothing between unmounting from one system and remounting to the other. The ‘read only’ check box on the extent is not selected.

I could start again, but I do need to know how to attach a drive that was in use on one system, to another system (not at the same time, I know iSCSI isn’t a file share)

Update to this - I was able to make the drive read-write with diskpart

select disk 1
attributes clear disk readonly

I wonder if I somehow unmounted it uncleanly and it ‘knew’ that?

So fixed, but wish I knew why it broke.

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