iSCSI Wizard deletes previously used iSCSI target file

Hey everyone,

I’ve just had a friend who tried to import his old ZFS pool from TrueNAS Core into TrueNAS Scale which went find.

But when using the Web UI’s iSCSI wizard to import his old iSCSI block device file (pool/iSCSI) we got an error due to CHAP not being configured properly. After fixing that, we noticed that the process was still doing something and the “Next” button was grayed out.
After rebooting we saw what happened… It deleted the file entirely off the disk

Sadly we don’t have any snapshots of the data (we should’ve made a snapshot before, but we wouldn’t have expected the iSCSI wizard to just delete the file without a warning).

Why would there be an option to use a file, if it just wipes/deletes it?

This reboot apparently also deleted another pre-existing dataset for some reason.