Issue on Saving files inside Samba Network > 12.0 U6.1

Hello Community,

I am reaching out to request for help with a problem encountered when saving files in Corel Draw on TrueNAS versions 12.0 U6.1 above.

When I attempt to save a file over a Samba network share, the file ends up with no permissions (displaying “----------+”).

Interestingly enough this same issue doesn’t occur if using TrueNAS version 12.0 U6.1 but I’m using the 13.0 version right now. I tested with versions 12.1 and 13.3 Beta too.

Has anybody else encountered such an issue or what are some ideas to solve it? I would appreciate it if you could help me with this.

The + means you have an ACL on the file. getfacl

Hello! Thanks for asking…

But the ACL for this share it’s ok:

Wrong ACL. That’s the share ACL. You’re looking at filesystem permissions (in ls -l output). Every file on a filesystem has its own ACL (just like NTFS).

Okay, what I find strange is that it only happens above version 12.0 U6.1.

Look at the Acl permission:


Hello @awalkerix , do you have any suggestion? Thanks!!