Issue updating my truenas scale from 22 to 24

i have been trying to update but keep getting failed via gui
[EFAULT] {‘error’: ‘unsquashfs failed with exit code 1: SYNTAX: unsquashfs [options] filesystem [directories or files to extract]\n\t-v[ersion]\t\tprint version, licence and copyright information\n\t-d[est] \tunsquash to , default “squashfs-root”\n\t-q[uiet]\t\tno verbose output\n\t-n[o-progress]\t\tdon't display the progress bar\n\t-no[-xattrs]\t\tdon't extract xattrs in file system\n\t-x[attrs]\t\textract xattrs in file system (default)\n\t-u[ser-xattrs]\t\tonly extract user xattrs in file system.\n\t\t\t\tEnables extracting xattrs\n\t-p[rocessors] \tuse processors. By default will use\n\t\t\t\tnumber of processors available\n\t-i[nfo]\t\t\tprint files as they are unsquashed\n\t-li[nfo]\t\tprint files as they are unsquashed with file\n\t\t\t\tattributes (like ls -l output)\n\t-l[s]\t\t\tlist filesystem, but don't unsquash\n\t-ll[s]\t\t\tlist filesystem with file attributes (like\n\t\t\t\tls -l output), but don't unsquash\n\t-lln[umeric]\t\t-lls but with numeric uids and gids\n\t-lc\t\t\tlist filesystem concisely, displaying only files\n\t\t\t\tand empty directories. Don't unsquash\n\t-llc\t\t\tlist filesystem concisely with file attributes,\n\t\t\t\tdisplaying only files and empty directories.\n\t\t\t\tDon't unsquash\n\t-o[ffset] \tskip at start of \n\t\t\t\tOptionally a suffix of K, M or G can be given to specify\n\t\t\t\tKbytes, Mbytes or Gbytes respectively.\n\t\t\t\tDefault 0 bytes.\n\t-f[orce]\t\tif file already exists then overwrite\n\t-ig[nore-errors]\tTreat errors writing files to output as non-fatal\n\t-st[rict-errors]\tTreat all errors as fatal\n\t-s[tat]\t\t\tdisplay filesystem superblock information\n\t-UTC\t\t\tUse UTC rather than local time zone when displaying time\n\t-mkfs-time\t\tdisplay filesystem superblock time\n\t-fstime\t\t\tsynonym for -mkfs-time\n\t-e[f] \tlist of directories or files to extract.\n\t\t\t\tOne per line\n\t-da[ta-queue] \tSet data queue to Mbytes. Default 256\n\t\t\t\tMbytes\n\t-fr[ag-queue] \tSet fragment queue to Mbytes. Default\n\t\t\t\t256 Mbytes\n\t-r[egex]\t\ttreat extract names as POSIX regular expressions\n\t\t\t\trather than use the default shell wildcard\n\t\t\t\texpansion (globbing)\n\nDecompressors available:\n\tgzip\n\tlzma\n\tlzo\n\tlz4\n\txz\n\tzstd\n’}

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  1. Fewer people upgrade from Bluefin direct to DragonFish so you are more likely to have bugs.

  2. DragonFish is relatively new, and ixSystems have not yet had the time to iron out the bugs, so unless you are a highly courageous admin, my advice would be to stick to 23 until at least the next major version of DragonFish.