Issue with Jailmaker docker image DNS

Whenever I use jailmaker to create a docker image I can ping just fine through each step until im in the jlmkr shell “docker” image (this image is referred to as docker here on out)

when im in that image it immediately tells me any pings are failed due to name resolution

I was able to install dockerg earlier in the docker image im not sure how, but i cant get to my truenas url : 5001 port it says it was installed to. I dont know how to verify that installation either.

Just hobby stuff trying to dig deeper into this set up in my free time. Been stuck on the jailmaker side of this for a bit.

If you are using a bridge and dhcp then it takes about 30-60s for the jail to get an IP. Until that happens you will get a dns failure.

Try using watch ip a to wait for an ip

I go through that in this video:

Ive been using your videos extensively, funny that you are the one to respond.

I did follow it step by step which is where my frustration is coming from.

Hopefully we can work it out.

So…. No network connectivity in your jail?