Issues with new drives attaching to TrueNas Core

Looking to expand my array and having some issues with 6 new drives I am trying to add.

Currently added a second netapp shelf, and the drives appear to be registering as I see errors on 4 of them but 2 of them show up.

All drives are new and the shelf is new as well. The drive location does not appear to effect if they work or not.

Wanted to see if anyone had any knowledge of these errors or some good ideas for troubleshooting.

Currently running off a LSI HBA card in IT mode on a R620.
Each port on the HBA card is connected to each disk shelf

Additional notes on the HDD’s and SAS card.

SAS card should be in IT not IR mode

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Looks like some weird reporting on sas2flash.
I was a bit shocked when I saw that after you mentioned it as I remember getting this thing into IT mode when I set it up years back.

Here is the Firmware version directly from the LSI Util on boot:

Also appears like the SAS card is communicating with both the enclosures:

and now after a reboot and no changes, 3 of 6 drives are showing up.
No changes made to the LSI card config.

Weird man… Useless advice but it is about as far as I can think:
Do drives work outside of the jbod enclosure? Do you have any SAS wires you can try to swap out? That’s all I got, better advice will have to come from smarter folks than me.

//Edit: one of the things I was reading up on suggested that sometime you have to basically remove the IR firmware before flashing else things can break. Not 100% if this is relevant or something you want to try. It might explain why sas2flash and your HBA are giving conflicting results at least?