Jail VNC/RDP or similar?

For the FreeBSD enthusiasts, has anyone ever gotten some sort of display to work inside a jail? I’m talking VNC or similar.

I’m trying to set up an icecast streaming jail/VM, but I need the source to be the audio coming from a dialed number.

I currently use a VM with a SIP client (linphone) and simply stream using butt (broadcast using this tool) to get to the icecast server.

I’ve tried using baresip, but the pkg doesn’t have any options available, and the port doesn’t build properly (not sure why) in my jail.

So I’m open to ideas for getting away from a VM…

I’ve had X11 and NoVNC running in a jail, but I’m afraid it’s been long enough ago that I don’t remember many details about how I did it. Should be possible though.

Just tried both of those via pkg. No binary, not rc.d script, no instructions, no nothing…

This looks relevant:

Hmmm… Seems like it’s more trouble than it’s worth at the end of the day.

So, I was able to get baresip built from ports, but it seems the jail doesn’t really have any audio devices for it to use. I was assuming I’d be able to pipe the output into ffmpeg and from there to icecast.

I got the jail up and running with a display. The issue I’m facing now is that I need some sort of audio device. Would anyone know if I can add a virtual audio device somehow? The display actutally works fairly well to be honest.