JBOD vs additional server

hello there, thanks for taking the time to read!

I currently have a Dell R730xd SFF filled with SSDs. This is enough storage for my ESXi host and Steam library, but I need something with more storage for a Plex library and general archiving. I know that people have gotten JBODs to work but I’ve also read that JBODs consume as much power as a server and you don’t even get control of the fans so they’re loud. My server rack is in a closet in the living room, so not in a living space per se, but it’s right on the cusp.

Can anyone give their experiences/input with JBODs and/or getting an additional server instead of a JBOD? For JBODs I was looking mostly into a SuperMicro case since I’ve seen with the Dell PowerVaults that you might need to get an interposer(?) for each SATA drive, which is all I have on hand.

And on the other hand, has anyone put a top-loading 4U server in a closet before? Does it overheat very easily in your climate? I live in Texas so it’s fairly hot.

Are you considering HDs? How many?

5400rpm HDs run much cooler than 7200rpm

it is possible to make a system fairly quiet and still cool HDs (see my Norco RPC-4224 24 bay build post), but it will get noisier the more drives you have and the hotter they run and the hotter the ambient

Your closet will need to be cooled somehow.

yes, it will be HDDs. How many depends on people’s input (if any) on the top loading systems. I was originally thinking either a 4U 36-bay or 60-bay. The Norco in your sig kinda made me consider it but it has 80mm fans just like the SM cases so I don’t think it’ll make a big difference at the end of the day.

this I know, and I don’t think I would ever make full use of 7200 RPM anyways, but the EXOS drives I have only came in 7200 I believe

right now I just leave it open unless we’re hanging out in the living room, but the closet has a wall that touches an external, so I was thinking about putting in a mini split AC at some point

The primary fan wall is 120mm fans iirc. The two 80mm fans at the back of the case have been replaced with noctuas and are effectively silent.

And yes, upgrading the fans to Noctua Industrial 3000rpm PWM fans makes a massive difference over typical server screamers.

When correctly speed controlled… I have a script for that.

If you’re interested in building a silent/quiet 24+ bay server I would suggest having a closer look at the original build thread

Well, keeping in mind that unless you have a thermostat in that closet, and especially during the time between seasons, your AC may not be coming on at all at times. Generally, AC without a thermostat is not a reliable cooling solution IMHO.