Jellyfin not accessing Additional Storage

Hello, i would like to begin by saying that this is my very first experience with TrueNas Scale (i’ve been playing with it for 2 days), here is what i’m trying to do:

i’ve installed the Jellyfin App correctly and i can log in and use the web UI, now i would like to add an “Additional Storage” coming from my main pool (where my movies are stored) i’ve tryed to use the “Additional Storage” with the following configuration:

But jellyfin can’t access the data inside of /ExternalDisk and i’ve tryed to use the built in pod shell to try and cd to that directory and this is what i get:

The folder does appear inside the pod, but it looks like it’s inaccessible, did i get any settings wrong? do i need to give some additional Permissions to the main dataset?

Thank you!

If the folder appears but is inaccessible in the pod shell, it might be due to insufficient permissions or incorrect mount configurations.

Has the additional storage path been correctly mounted within the Jellyfin container and does the mount point corresponds to the directory you want to share.

Has the dataset where your media files are stored got the correct permissions? Set the permissions to allow the user or group running the Jellyfin app to access the directory.

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Very well, thank you for poiting me to the right direction, adding the “User - apps” permission fixed the issue thank you


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