Jellyfin on Dragonfish-24.04.0

Hi everyone, where can I found an updated guide to install Jellifin on TrueNas Scale Dragonfish-24.04.0?
Also, is better the TrueNas o TrueCharts image?
I used Jellyfin back in 2022 with older TrueNas scale, the container is not starting anymore… I deleted it and I want to restart fresh.

An alternative is to install Jellyfin in a Sandbox.

Here is my guide to installing Docker, Dockge and Jellyfin in a Sandbox/Jail.

The benefit is you are in control, and this is a more efficient way to run jellyfin.


This video works like a champ

I use TrueCharts image for more than a year now. I’m not very confident in TruCharts. There has already been an update to their catalog that broke compatibility with images already installed. Everything had to be reconfigured!
For the past few days, the latest version of Jellyfin has been causing problems. It’s impossible to connect to the server after updating, and the rollback doesn’t work.
I finally installed the TrueNAS version, but there’s still a connection bug with the android client.

I gave up on TrueCharts and swapped to jailmaker and jellyfin running on docker. Look for the video that stux created. Believe me you will put TrueCharts to the side.

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There were several issues on the jellyfin github regarding connection problems with the app, so it’s not nessessarily a problem of the truecharts or iX app…

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