Jellyfin server playlist access and saving

Hello all

I am running truenas scale as a vm on a proxmox server.

I am using Jellyfin as a truenas jail

I managed to locate the folders to a trunas dataset to a directory called Jellyfin… fine.

All works fine until i try to tinker and it all fall apart: sigh
And everytime i screwup i need to re-build my playlists (which is what happened last week.

all of Jellyfin folders are created in /media/Apps/Jellyfin
. Great my playlists are saved.

So when i had to rte-install jellyfin I copied all my playlists to a different directory.

Once jelly fin was re-installed it created all it’s folder no issues.

I try to copy the playlists from my alternativer directory to the j/ellyfin/data/playlists.

I get a get a no permission an error

How can i change the permission of this folder.

I tried to see the permission for this dataset (Apps) and according to me I should have access rights.

Why do i still have an issue accessing this folder?

I tired to have to rebuild all my playlist.

Last year I lost all my 170 playlists and i’m slowly rebuilding them

My a please ask for your help here I do not want to replicate my issues again

Thank you in advance

I go through setting up Jellyfin in a sandbox in this video

Is that how you did it?


Thank you very much for your reply and teaching.

I watched the video and it sound very interesting.

I have managed to set all my jails (3) and they include Jellyfin, rsync and tailscale. They are running fine.

Turenas is running as a vm on a proxmox server. This server has OPNsense nad Home assistant as VMs and also has LXC for pihole and tailscale server.

As i an not in any way…really it savvy (but i learned all this over the past 3 years and thanks to individuals like yourself.

Since the LXCs are ubuntu based with a docker compose component, does this mean i could re-install the LXCs on proxmox and the jails in truenas with this process.

If so will it make a difference?

BTW a found a way to resolve my problem I just modified the ACL for this dataset. Non of my other dataset have acls configured. All have only generic permission set.

Once again thank you very much

I think the answer is you could, if what you mean is essentially moving those promox Lxc/jails to truenas

It will give faster file system access to the jails.

@Stux thanks mate