Jmb585 M.2 to sata card doesnt see SSD

hello interstate
i have this thing and when i plug these 2 SSDs in there i dont see them individually. in windows it works but not on truenas. why is that? someone told me this controller is no bueno. why?

  • why does it work on windows and not on linux?
  • can i make this work or do i have to buy different ssds?


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Cheap SATA controllers are a bad idea with ZFS. Port multipliers are a terrible idea.

Keep your SSDs and get a SAS HBA (LSI 2308/3008) if you need more ports.


i dont have space in my 1u server. would it work in unraid?
im disappointed : ( i didnt think this build would take me weeks. i thought in 2024 building this mini server would be a breeze : /

Because in windows normally only one ssd or harddrive is accessed at the same time.

Zfs needs direct access to all drives at the same time.

If it works in unraid - i dont know. But I wouldnt trust any of my data on a piece of hardware like that. It will probably overheat and send corrupted data to your drives.

Also the SSDs are, I dont know what to say…
You can get proper SSDs for not much more money from WD, Samsung or Seagate.

Look, probably most people here are on a budget. You can get used server gear on ebay from chinese sellers that will do a 10x better job at keeping your data safe than sorry, that cr##, from aliexpress.

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“I’m going to build a server to store my important data, but not do any research into what the software requires” really doesn’t seem like a good plan.

Because they’re completely different operating systems? Granted, Linux has pretty good hardware compatibility, but there’s absolutely no reason you should expect that “works in Windows” would imply it also works under Linux.

Probably not, really. Both TrueNAS (SCALE) and unRAID are Linux-based, so if it doesn’t work in the one it probably won’t work in the other.


@Davvo recently uncovered an Asrock embedded Epyc motherboard with 10GbE copper, oculinks capable of running 12+ SATA drives, etc all for less than 300 euros. Now, there is some reasonable question re: whether this offer is real, etc. It looks scammy. But there are other file server oriented boards out there for relatively little money which will “just work” with ZFS.

For example, for $300, here is a kick-butt file server embedded board with room for up to 20 SATA disks, of which two can be SATADOMs. Yes, you have to add memory… but it has 10GbE SFP+, a decent processor, m.2 and a PCI 3.0 x4 NVME adapter on top of two standard PCIe 3.0x8 slots - all while consuming less than 35W of power.

The only downside is the flex-ATX size, which means you need to use a larger tower to hold it all. But then again, once you’re into addressing 20 SATA drives, chances are the case is going to be pretty big to start with.

Smaller versions of D-15xx-based boards exist (i.e. Mini-ITX) but usually incorporate some severe compromises re: connectivity. But if you’re only looking for 1-8 disks, those exist also.


Hey @kv3d

I remember you from Discord. This is a problem with the SSDs having duplicate (and “not real” serial numbers of SN-on-the-lable.




Wow! Prices are really going down for our pereninial NAS favourites, the X10SDV series!

(As for embedded EPYC boards, @Davvo’s post was an opportunity to look into the specs and see that AsRock Rack did a much better job exposing I/O than SuperMicro did with their M11SDV and X11SDV series. But the flat $98.99 price for any number of products one puts in the shopping cart is DEFINTIVELY too good to be true…)


That’s an amazing AsRock Rack board … the key issue with mini-ITX is surface area and that board is making great use of all the Epyc PCIe lanes via Oculink.

If you look at the usual price, it is WELL above the $99 price point (or 90% discount) that this seller is trying to tempt buyers with.

It’s too bad because this CPU and motherboard is a massive step up from the C3758 currently used in a Mini.

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True, but honestly this board (and the larger, SAS and SFP±enabled EPYC3451D4U-2L2T2O8R) are alternatives to Xeon-D2100, not to Atom C3000. I doubt whether the Mini chassis can cool a 100 W CPU in addition to the drives.

hey :DD

i know i could get user stuff properly. the fun was to gut my old laptop and beef it up to a mini mediaserver(not important files) within a 1U server case. i do have a proper server. this was more of a fun project.