Job middlewared.service/start during boot takes too long

Hi! I’m a satisfied user of TrueNAS Core for a long time. Nevertheless, I’m trying to migrate to SCALE - because it’s the future. =) I do this by migrating every of my tweaks (mainly in the form of jails) over to SCALE (mainly by using the kubernetes system).

The problem I’m struggling with right now is very basic though. I experience unrealiable boot-ups from the SCALE system. Sometimes it does indeed boot up and work. In some cases (I don’t see logic behind it) it takes a very long time or even hangs.

The problem is always the section where it says “Job middlewared.service/start running” on the console. It even has a time counter there, which in some occasions shows me that it is already at that stage for half an hour (after which I power-cycle the device).

I couldn’t find a thread with a similar in this forum… Do you have some idea how to fix this?