K3s broke after update to Dragonfish-

I had a whole setup with Arr’s and all that stuff, after the update I upgraded my pools and went to the apps section of my truenas install and low and behold everything was stuck on deploying. Since I set up everything quite recently and still have a back up of the configs I deleted IX-application pool and restarted setting up everything again.

Now when I install jellyfin it just get stuck in deploying, waited the night out and woke up to see it was still deploying.

I couldn’t fetch logs using the logs button and activity shows this as an error:

any Idea what’s happening here? I went through all the things ipv4 has been set up properly and is pointing to the right gateway. I unset the pools and set it again after a reboot. I rebooted multiple times. Tried other apps as well that did not work either. (minecraftserver, flared, Kali)

I can also provide other logs if you tell me where to find them.

Full logs form activity after reinstalling the jellyfin app.

2024-06-08 13:58:03 Successfully pulled image “docker.io/alpine/socat:” in 2.517616437s (2.517621665s including waiting)

2024-06-08 13:58:03 Updated LoadBalancer with new IPs: → []

2024-06-08 13:58:03 Created container jellyfin

2024-06-08 13:58:03 Started container jellyfin

2024-06-08 13:58:00 Ensuring load balancer

2024-06-08 13:58:00 There are no available nodes for LoadBalancer

2024-06-08 13:58:00 Created pod: jellyfin-broadcastproxy-5t9gn

2024-06-08 13:58:00 Successfully assigned ix-jellyfin/jellyfin-broadcastproxy-5t9gn to ix-truenas

2024-06-08 13:58:00 Scaled up replica set jellyfin-5799d59888 to 1

2024-06-08 13:58:00 Applied LoadBalancer DaemonSet kube-system/svclb-jellyfin-ccfc42bb

2024-06-08 13:58:00 0/1 nodes are available: pod has unbound immediate PersistentVolumeClaims. preemption: 0/1 nodes are available: 1 No preemption victims found for incoming pod…

2024-06-08 13:58:00 Created pod: jellyfin-5799d59888-lmsd7

2024-06-08 13:58:00 Pulling image “docker.io/alpine/socat:

2024-06-08 13:58:00 no persistent volumes available for this claim and no storage class is set

2024-06-08 13:58:00 no persistent volumes available for this claim and no storage class is set

Did you figure out your issue? I am having the same problem with new install??

I gave up and switched to UNRAID, moved my data to an older ZFS pool and imported it from there.

I really liked the way how truenas handled the storage part but the k3s part just doesn’t make any sense to me. Options and customization seems to be very limited around that part.

I recommend just setting up a hypervisor and pass through the controller to a VM with TrueNas installed or set up a VM in TrueNas that does the k3s part.

Rather than switching to Unraid. I would’ve recommended setting up Docker/Jellyfin in a Sandbox on TrueNAS.

This should be fairly future proof.

TrueNAS Scale: Setting up Sandboxes with Jailmaker

If you’re using truecharts you have to Install the openebs App and follow to PVC Migration Guide. Truecharts had to switch to another storage provider for their Apps because dragonfish removed the build in openebs Driver.