Kubernates cancellation on next release of Scale eel

Could someone suggests a future proof approch for the app? portainer in a VM?


If you’re using iX apps, just wait; they promise they’ll all be seamlessly migrated to the new docker-compose framework with the releease of EE. If you’re using TrueCharts apps, just wait; they say they’ll also have a migration solution (which I’m guessing will be something like Talos on a VM) by then.

Or if you want to tear it all out and replace it with something of your own making, of course you can do whatever you like.

Thanks for your suggestion, but i think that my way in jail, hoping that ix doesn´t cancell it

I would suggest dockge or portainer in a Sandbox.

In fact, I made a video on how to do it :slight_smile:

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You should, of course, do whatever you think will best meet your needs. But it really seems that a lot of people are overreacting to iX’ announcement[1]. iX is going to have a migration path with their apps. TrueCharts is going to have a migration path with theirs. We don’t as yet know much about what either path is going to look like[2].

Electric Eel isn’t due out until October, and Morgan’s said (somewhat surprisingly, I’ll admit) that Dragonfish will still be supported for a good time afterward. Nobody (in terms of users) needs to be taking immediate action on this. In other words,

Now, if you were wanting to toss the apps anyway, hey, knock yourself out–there are lots of options, each with its own pros and cons. But it’s premature (IMO) to believe you need to do that now on account of this announcement.

  1. and I’m one of those who believes strongly that this is a very bad move on their part ↩︎

  2. Sure, we know that iX is going to move everything to docker-compose, we know TC is going to stick with Helm/Kubernetes, and it looks like TC’s not planning on Kubernetes-in-sandbox–but there are still a lot of unknowns. ↩︎


I agree & gave you thumbs up…even though I’ve also just tossed the apps and gone with docker compose on account of this announcement :slight_smile:

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