Last call for feedback on upcoming UI Improvements

Forum Users,

Re-posting this in case anybody missed it the first go around. We have our next set of UI improvements starting work for the 24.10 release this fall. We’ve posted the ideas / designs up to our GitHub repo and appreciate any feedback from users about them.


So this is yet another place that has to be monitored for suggestions besides Jira? :grinning:

I cannot log into GitHub ATM but here is a suggestion re: reporting. It would be great if the reporting pane for drive stats could include the role of each drive in addition to the ada#. Ie is it boot pool, sVDEV, L2ARC, ZIL, VDEV-1,2, 3 of whatever pool.

That would help folk isolate by drive type / role during troubleshooting more easily than looking first at Storage/Disks to see what ada# applies to what drive today, followed by going to reporting to isolate the drives of interest.

Limiting the data in reporting to da and ada# that can potentially change between reboots / reconfigs / etc means more work and I don’t see the benefit to only have the da# and ada# in the reporting pane. You have plenty of blank space there.

Those links should be viewable even without a sign-in. If not let me know.

Here’s an example of the kind of designs:

I’m likely daft but don’t see how I submit a new suggestion without logging into GitHub itself. I can view some of the discussions but not submit new suggestions, which makes sense.

Oh, sorry, misunderstood. Yes, to interact there you need an account. However the ask was for feedback here, our UI guys can interact both places just as easily :slight_smile:

Personally they are too uniform/lack a bit of contrast, failing to immediately deliver information… maybe too much blue on blue? Can’t exaclty put my finger on it.

Yeah, that looks like someone hit CTRL+A, gave up and took a screenshot instead.

Our Designer will respond later, but to be clear those are wireframe mockups, not the real pixel-perfect rendering of what it would look like in the UI at implementation. So you’ll have to imagine it in the normal color schemes.


This was posted in the github discussion but I will post it here as well.

Wireframes Disclaimer:
Designs in blue are wireframes that are meant to be low fidelity sketches. They will not be pixel perfect and may not be as visually precise as the final product in the presentation. It may also make use of placeholders for things like images and graphs. Please focus on the content and treat them as drafts.

In this context these wireframes are meant to convey information about general datapoints and basic layout of the widgets.

About the Designs

The following are designs for what the widget will contain for Nvidia and AMD graphics cards. Due to some backend limitations there will be no Intel support at first until some dependencies get support for those devices. Also due to dependencies being used, not all the same stats are available between Nvidia and AMD. With that said, please take a look at the designs and give us your feedback.

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In case of multiple GPUs, how will the gaming be handled? Would be nice to be able to rename them and select which graph show in the widget (ie yeeting the VRAM in favour of temperature, etc).

For the Intel GPUs, we worked with upstream and some intel support was recently merged. However it’ll take a while for that to filter down to us, so 24.10 or 25.04 at the soonest:

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Since wireframes were causing a bit of confusion I put together some mockups that will give a much closer approximation to what the real thing might actually look like.

Here are a couple of full screen mockups showing both AMD and Nvidia versions of the full sized GPU widget design.

This third version shows what users will be able to do if they wanted to put together a widget group using specific quarter and half sized widgets. If you haven’t read what the widget groups are all about, please check out the posts about them on github discussions.

Just a final reminder that much like the wireframes these are just drafts and are subject to change.


Apologies for the extra post but the forum software didn’t let me post more than 2 links.

The relevant discussions are at the links below…

Is this based on the thread from the old forums?

I saw a few posts that suggested a more fine-grained memory widget. Maybe that can be considered in the next round.

Agreed. Widgets for Memory, ARC, L2ARC, sVDEV, i.e. the basic components of a NAS as opposed to GPU and like toys for Tomb Raider players. :rofl:

I have no doubt that having an eye on a GPU is a good idea for folk who like to transcode, etc. but I’d love to see more focus on the basic infrastructure of a NAS rather than focusing on a single use case.


Thanks @damian This looks great!! :slight_smile:

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Is this based on the thread from the old forums?

Yes and no. It started there but based on feedback from that thread and other places, we made designs which we posted to github discussions.

I saw a few posts that suggested a more fine-grained memory widget. Maybe that can be considered in the next round.

Widget groups would allow users to choose specific datapoints to highlight. These include memory related datapoints. If you look at the mockups, the widget group with the plex logo shows memory consumption by the plex app.

This time around we will expose existing datapoints and put the widget groups architecture in place. Future releases will have more datapoints. This way you can get exactly what you’re looking for on the page.

I’d love to see more focus on the basic infrastructure of a NAS rather than focusing on a single use case

Please visit the github discussions page I linked to previously and check out the widget groups designs. The GPU widget represents only a small part of the improvements proposed for the dashboard.

Hi Damian and thank you for your work,

The four discussions I can see seem to focus solely on how the data will be displayed, not the datapoints / datastreams that iXystems is going to make available to the widgets. Is there a discussion on what datapoints will be available for widget integration?