Launch custom app with web portal

I’m trying to start a custom app, but I’m having a lot of trouble figuring out how to do it.
I’ve found this docker image that suits my needs.

I on TrueNAS SCALE Dragonfish [release]

I’ve made all the configurations and according to the logs the app starts with the configured ports, except that I can’t access the front web.

I’ll put the confs here:

Thank you in advance for your help

My understanding is you cant just custom app in a docker img…

The new Scale Electric Eel coming Q4 this year you can do ‘docker compose’

To do that right now you would need to install jailmaker and then install docker into a jail… then install your app… a few youtube videos cover this but it is complex…

I personally am waiting 3 months and preparing to relaucnh all my apps in docker

*scratches head*
I only run Custom Apps through the GUI and have around 5 of them running right now, most of them have web-portals linked. Examples include uptime-kuma, jellyfin and heimdall. They are labeled as docker images, that doesn’t really matter though; containerd will launch them just fine.

I don’t know why it’s not working for the OP, but a difference I see is that I have a dedicated domain setup with nginx reverse proxy for https access. That should not be required to get it to work a web-portal to work though.

Looking at those images some more, you use some flags that would probably be better handled in other ways.

  • Setup a host path mount instead of the volume with -v.
  • I would also drop the -p flag to set the port, since you’re not actually running docker I am not sure what that would even do.

Actually, have you checked that the container even starts? Check the pod log.

Provide the exact url you are using to try and access the web interface please. Remove the -p argument,

After many search, my config is ok but i’ve forgot a checkbox…
Final configuration:

The checkbox to replace the port forwarding

It’s good that you found a solution that works for you.

For other people who run into something like this with their apps, take note of the warning in the official Docs to be careful with that node network checkbox. Depending on the ports your app wants to use, checking that box will let the app bind to any port, including the same port(s) that the TrueNAS WebGUI uses, which would be unfortunate.

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