Laying out my next upgrade

Lmao, used this.

Anyway, can you confirm that each module can get up to 128GB?

Oh wow, that’s terrible execution they have there…

I don’t know either way, but RDIMM support does not necessarily imply higher capacities, the memory controller may not be physically capable of addressing larger DIMMs.

I do not have 128 GB modules to try…
MJ11-EC1 apparently does not support LRDIMM.

If you really need lots of RAM, look at more expensive boards—it’s not a high bar after all.

It seems I might be able to get my hands on a EPYC3451D4I2-2T for less than 100$, and I was wondering about something.

You might need to tilt your head.

Now, I wonder what the hell that does mean… why would they need to add those 2 (one multiplied if I read that correctly) USB 2.0 to the 3.1 Gen 1 header? Does anyone know the answer? Am I just able to fork additional usb ports with adapters without losing performance? It seems improbable to me.

Excellent price for Embedded EPYC! X710 onboard and a much better job than SuperMicro exposing I/O lanes in mini-ITX size… wow! :star_struck:

The answer to the mystery of this USB 2.0 hub possibly lies in the fine specifications of the “chipset part” of EPYC 3001 and how many logical USB ports it has. Anyway it’s just the 2.0 part on the header; anything about “performance” would use a 3.1 port. And what do you want to do with multiple USB ports in a server?

Powering the case’s frontal USBs while using an internal USB for the boot drive… you known that’s kinda my tech fetish. :sweat_smile:

With (up to) 14 SATA ports available, and the M.2 slot, using USB to boot feels a step above a mere “fetish”…
(Anyway at $100 for such a board, I would grab my credit card first and then think about what I could actually do with it.)

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Help yourself. Don’t know if it’s a scam or similar, but that’s why I have PayPal. It’s worth the try!

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$300 is still a bargain, but the site does raise a few eyebrows.

Yes. You can get adapters which convert from those headers.

The usb2 headers are 4x2 pins wide and have two ports. The plugs that use them normally need both rows to be active otherwise you end up with a dead front usb port :wink:

So. That usb hub would mean that each usb2 per is sharing 480mbps. Pretty slow for storage. Pretty fast for a mouse/keyboard.

Some thoughts:

  • It’s an amazing bargain / successor to the C2758 we all enjoyed in the Mini series (at least until it blew up due to the AVR54 bug).
  • If only the 10GbE connection was SFP+ instead of Copper - but which likely would not have fit.
  • Tech support at AsRock is somewhat unpredictable. (see AVR54 support via iXsystems vs. from AsRock itself)
  • What a great use for Oculink - bundling so many PCIe or SATA lanes into such a small connector. Just wow!
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Yup, but hey… they discount a further 200$ during checkout. 98$ for that board? The site can be as scammy as it wants… if I get it great, otherwise PayPal!

Something cant be right here :sweat_smile:


Smells like a scam.


Heh, was worth the try :slight_smile:

To clear things a bit, I’m looking for a board that:

  • is ITX
  • supports ECC RAM
  • is able to connect 6 SATA drives
  • has 10G (either by PCIe slot or built-in)
  • possibly has a M.2 slot
  • possibly has IPMI
  • possibly does not break the bank, I’m not willing to spend 1400 € for an ITX motherboard yet

EPYC3451D4I2-2T, EPYC3101D4I-2T, and the likes would be ideal… but they cost a lot when they are available. Similar thing with the X11SDV-8C-TLN2F.
Maybe I just need to bite the bullet and scale-down my requirements and be happy with a MJ11-EC1.

Maybe the Gigabyte MB10-DS4 is the best option for what I want.

Really does sound like an X10-SDV,

remembering I have bought two X10SDV-TLN4F

The next gen are not bad.

Here a X10SDV-2C-TLN2F is available for 519.26 € + shipping while X10SDV-TLN4F float around 800 € + shipping.

I should be able to get a MB10-DS4 for less than 400 €.

Really, where are the EPYC 4004 ITX boards? :frowning:

A Xeon D-1500 with SFP+ ports in mini-ITX size rather than the Flex-ATX Supermicro X10SDV-##-TP#F?
If you only need 6 SATA ports (and if the MB10 has HTML-based IPMI rather than Java[1]), it looks absolutely perfect.

In that range, I would also look at A2SDi-H-TF (ca. 600 E, 8C/8T, 12 SATA but less PCIe lanes than a X10SDV-2C). A2SDi-8C-LN4F and SFP+ NIC or even A2SDi-H-TP4F (ca. 900 E?) for SFP+.

Xeon D-2100 or the higher tier of embedded EPYC3001 is possibly too hot to cool well in a mini-ITX case.

  1. Edit The product page shows that MB10-DB4 rev.1.3 has Gigabyte HTML-based IPMI, which is slower to load than the one from Supermicro but is arguably more user-friendly. So, absolutely perfect it is. :heart_eyes: ↩︎

Wouldn’t actually recommend an X10 today. Too close to EOL.

Don’t know what to recommend in its stead, that’s when Intel lost the plot and brought out the “Scalable” range.