Leaderboard Active

The “TrueNAS All-Stars” Leaderboard is now active. You can find it on the left menu as well.

How does this work? To quote the plugin:

Points are awarded for engaging with the community, such as visiting, liking, and posting. Your score is updated every few minutes. So go be helpful, active, and supportive, and rise through the ranks!

Congrats @Davvo and @Stux for the number 1 and 2 slots already :partying_face: @dan is about to bump me out of the top 3 as well.


It’s interesting how the numbers shake out–there’s a big gap between Davvo and Stux, then the next four are pretty close, then another big gap, then another. And this surely won’t be open to gamesmanship at all.


Some guy called Kris has the bronze :wink:

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Filing bug report on Jira. Plugin is broken.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Check the leader board
  2. Observe who is #1

Expected result:
Winnie is #1

Observed result:
Winnie is not #1


Dang, now everyone knows I am idling around.


I’ll just keep liking you guys until you’re at the top. Anyone know how to bot the new BBS so we can register hundreds of accounts to game the system with?


Before I get banned, I was kidding!!!


MUST stuff POSTING - to get to #1. hehe.

The whole Discourse user experience appears to be build for gamification: Constant stimulation, constant micro-rewards. This real-time ranking goes with the rest.


Taunting the mods? That’s a paddlin’.


Don’t tease. That’s not nice. :rofl:

Oh, but I have so many tools now. I can

  • Demote you into the dog house
  • Demote you less to inconvenience you in small ways
  • Keep your trust from being upgraded
  • Suspend you, which is like a ban
  • Silence you, which lets you log in but not really do anything, for some reason
  • Revoke your badges to make you look like a total noob
  • Drop by your house and steal your seasonal decorations [Not a Discourse feature, but new]

I pinky-promise to be a good boy. :vulcan_salute:

I do think it’s ironic how, given his many and vocal objections to the new forum software, @Davvo is so far ahead of anyone else. Good job, to be sure, but seems a little counterintuitive.


I just liked your post to give you a boost.

Now we’ve got ourselves a proper race! :checkered_flag:

:running_man: :running_woman: :man_running:

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Not any more, but we’re still neck-and-neck.

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@Davvo has found the “cheat code” for this game.


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Think so

I was active before, I am active now. My remarks still stand.

Gamification, folks. It works.

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