Let apps listen on other interfaces?


I have a wireguard interface for my truenas that doesn’t show up in the UI.

using this interface I can reach the truenas web interface & ssh, but I cannot reach apps that are running (e.g nextcloud & plex )

Is there any configuration option that I can change or any other method that could allow connections using all network interfaces?

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I had a similar issue recently while trying to set up a new server with multiple NICs. Even with the Kubernetes bridge bound to apps only ever seemed to respond when accessed via the server NIC with the default gateway set on it.

I’m a Scale and Kubernetes newbie but have plenty of experience with docker and networking general. The best I could figure out was that Kubernetes doesn’t work well on multi-homed systems. You could maybe try using nginx reverse proxy (or traefik) to redirect traffic to the NIC your kuberentes bridge is running on?

Yes that could be a work-around. Still haven’t given up on finding config for this yet though.

I attempted to edit /etc/rancher/k3s/config.yaml and add:

- nodeport-addresses=

Then running systemctl restart k3s.service, this did not seem to work though.
How did you attempt to change the k3s bridge binding?

In the TrueNAS webui:

Apps → Settings → Advanced Settings

Node IP, Route v4 Interface and Route v4 Gateway control what interface the bridge bonds to and routes via

You can see changes made here reflected in the routing table if you run ‘routel’ from the command line.

Do you have the regular Ethernet interface (to which I assume your apps are bound in “Advanced settings”) in the “AllowedIPs” on your WG client?

I have the same issue and started digging around.
The wired thing for me is that the Plex app (web ui at port 32400) is accessible via wg0 but minio (web ui at port 9002) is not.
Also when I run netstat -tulpen I can see port 9002 occupied and port 32400 not.
So I think there is some way it could work, but I have not yet found a specific setting/config that is different between the two helm charts.

I think my post here TrueNAS SCALE as Wireguard Client with app access

As well as this post in the legacy forum:

are about the same issue.

Yeah, this matches what I’ve experienced with Tailscale (which is built on wireguard, I believe).

Using tailscale from another machine, and with tailscale running as a kubernetes app on TrueNAS Scale, I can get “out” from the tailscale container to the TrueNAS Scale webui, but I can’t loop back in again to other kubernetes apps/containers.

This is, I assume, because all the kubernetes apps/containers are on the same bridge network and they can’t access each other using the IP addresses on the TrueNAS Scale host. It’s a routing problem. They can, of course, talk to each other inside the bridge network using the addresses and .ix-.svc.cluster.local namespace