Linking Apps Internally. Does TrueNAS it's self have a domain name in this network?

I’ve recently figured out how to link apps internally on the server and it’s working great. The guide from Truechats is very helpful.
[guide from Truecharts]
(Linking Apps Internally | TrueCharts)

I got to the point of wondering if there’s a way for apps to talk to the host directly. So instead of using the actual IP of the server (ie is there a DNS entry in the Kubernetes network that could be used to access TrueNAS like an app? I did some googling and came up empty-handed.

All my apps show up when using “heavyscript dns” but there is no entry for TrueNAS. I’m no Kubernetes guru so please enlighten me if there’s an obvious solution or if this is not possible entirely. I’m fine with just continuing to use the IP address if this doesn’t work.

The Truenas UI is not part of the kubernetes namespace since it’s not an app, so it won’t show with the heavyscript dns listings. You could use the external service app from truecharts to link the Webui to an app and get a dns name through the app.

Thanks, I was thinking about doing that but figured I’d ask if there was a better way first. Good to know.