Linux Kernel 6.10

Hi, CPPC/amd_pstate is currently broken for kernel 6.9 and below.

6.10 is said to deliver fixes for these issues, specifically AMD 17h meaning EPYC Rome and Threadripper 3000.

This would be a critical fix. Are there any plans to update immediately to 6.10 or any 6.10 betas?
Thank you very much.

I don’t know, someone else will have to speak on if / when Linux kernel is updated to 6.10.

But this is one of the problems with Linux, constant upgrade. It does not mater that this is a critical fix for those CPUs. Their will always be a critical fix that Linux users expect to be fast tracked and installed. This is not first, or even 10th, request for updated Linux kernel for TrueNAS SCALE.

Except that for Enterprise Data Center NAS usage, (iX paying customers), stability is far more important than power consumption. This is not to say that the Linux kernel 6.10 is unstable or even is unsuitable. It just that testing is required and not as many people will be impacted directly if the update is delayed for testing.

I wrote this mostly as a reminder to other readers that iX TrueNAS values stability over the latest, greatest feature. Or a fix that does not cause crashes or data loss.


Ubuntu deals with the issue by having two major streams of “default” kernels, the “generic” and the “hwe” ie hardware enablement stream.

Of course, this implies two sets of kernels minimum, and then double regression tests.


On TrueNAS we bring in the latest LTS kernel to each release. For 24.04/Dragonfish and the upcoming 24.10/ElectricEel release, that is expected to be 6.6.XX something. The next LTS kernel will be tagged sometime near the end of the year, which means for 25.04 version we’d be shipping 6.10 or 6.11 or whatever one Linus decides is LTS worthy at the time :slight_smile: