Looking for a 10gb sfp+ pci card

Ive found this and im hoping it will work.

But i want to know if anyone else has had good luck with this card before i buy it.
if anyone has a list of compatible network card for truenas scale.
Pleas share.

I’ve bout a network card before, and already discovered the very annoying thing of fake Cards.
The Hard Way :frowning: Nothing like getting a 10 gb card that gets no better than 2gb and dont work with Truenas and wasting cash.

running truneas scale Dragonfish-

Same as for CORE: Intel (genuine, which this 10GTek card hopefully is), Chelsio, Solarflare NICs.

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Thanks ill get it then. Hopefully its not a fake like the last card i tried.
expect an update in about 2 weeks. money don’t grow on trees.

But there’s a “dollar bush” in the Namib desert…
Refurbished Chelsio T520 and Solarflare SFNx122F NICs go for about $50 on eBay.


Unless you specifically need the X710, dual port cards based on earlier Intel chipsets sell used on eBay for less than $25.

For example: HP NC560SFP+ 669279-001 10GB Dual Port SFP+ High Profile Network Adapter | eBay for $10.

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for $10 hmm. Well why not. ill update if it works or not.

Are Mellanox cards no longer recommended?

If I go back to the 10G primer, they never were:

Note that if you really need the X710 chipset, you can get used HP-branded versions for less than $50.

Search for 562SFP+: HP HPE 10Gb 2-port 562SFP+ Ethernet Adapter 790316-001 784304-001 727055-B21 LP | eBay

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X710 is one of a few 10G cards with ASPM support, it allows deeper C-states.
Usually adding an older 10g card results in max C3, resulting in a bigger overall power consumption.
But in this case I don’t think it matters, since the LSI HBA likely blocks it anyway.

Mellanox ConnectX-3 cards work fine in Scale, I have a few of them.

my system at idle pulls 120 watts if it let the hard drives park and shut down.
I keep my drives spinning tho. premature wear is not cool. so its around 132 watts at idle. 18 drives of multiple types, sizes and brands. looking at netdata my nas stays in c10 state for about 70 - 80 % of the time. it douse inter c3 ever.

The newer HBAs (LSI/Broadcom 9400 and 9500) which are relatively cheap on ebay (~70 euros), do support ASPM.

Also my Solarflare sfn7122 10gbe sfp+ cards also support ASPM. I got mine for about 15 euros on ebay.


great news card finally arrived.
[HP NC560SFP+ 669279-001 10GB Dual Port SFP+ card
it shows up in truenas scale. it is online and working.