Lost access to files

Hi all.

I am a newb and a very occasional user, only using this for long term back up of data.

I have a Isilion 72000 old server i have used for the last few years for data backup and storage only.

I recently deleted the pool on this server as I no longer needed the data backing up, all folder, datasets and information was there and accessible through file explorer network connection.

I created I new pool and created datasets, and nothing, the network is simply showing ‘folder empty’ i have double checked ‘users’ and ‘groups’ and passwords and still noting?

Any idea why dataset folders are not showing?
Cheers Daniel

To check that I followed your actions.

  1. You had a pool on the server, let’s call it PoolA.
  2. You removed PoolA, and with it all child datasets and whatever data was stored in them.
  3. You created a new pool, let’s call it PoolB.
  4. You presumably shared PoolB using SMB or similar.
  5. You connect to the new share from a client.
  6. You can’t see any data there.

Was PoolA shared in a similar way before you removed it? Do you have another pool on your server?
If you removed PoolA and there was no other copy of the data stored there, it stands to reason that that data is now gone. Pools are created empty, so PoolB will have no data from PoolA unless you manually copied data over before removing PoolA.

Yes, I dont get it either.

You destroyed your pool. Your data is gone.

Or are you just saying, you dont see a folder structure?

To get back your data you can try:
zpool import -D nameofyourdestroyedpool

Hi All
I might not have explained this correctly.

1 - Yes i had ‘pool A’ this had data on it in datasets/subfolders I could see the folders all ok and access them through file explorer.
2 - I deleted ‘Pool A’ as I no longer needed this, i know the data has gone I don’t need the data, I am not expecting to see that data.
3 - I have created a new pool, and datasets, However I cant see this Pool or any datasets / subfolders in file explorer, when I go to network and the destination it just says Folder is empty, no folders?

Cheers Daniel

Your SMB share probably still points to the old pool.

You have to adjust that to your new pool layout.


Did you make an SMB share?

All fixed, thanks for the pointers.

On my other server any new pools are automatically showing, no idea why this one needs adding on SMB? i haven’t had to do it in over a year!

Not everyone wants to share their data using SMB so it would be kind of strange if it was done automatically.

You probably just forgot doing it.