Lost access to wan DNS problem after update from Dragonfish-24.04 to

Truenas Scale running on bare metal
I after the reboot going from 24.04 to
Update screen came back with a dialog
“# warningClientConnectorError
TrueNAS was unable to reach update servers.”

and this shows in the update screen.

Cannot connect to host update.ixsystems.com:443 ssl:default [Name or service not known]: Automatic update check failed. Please check system network settings.

None of the docker apps can reach the wan

I pointed my router dns to default (away from pihole) no change.
I rolled back to 24.04 and still no wan.
no issues with LAN all local clients can access the files.
No issues with wan access on any other machine on my network.

not sure what to do next.

I needed to manually enter my dns IPs in truenas general network settings. not sure why the update made this necessary but either way it works now