Lost partion tables - Messed up

Well I did something stupid. While installing windows server I had removed partitions from my truenas drives. I was thinking Im erasing the boot disk I was going to install the windows server. Before I knew it I managed to delete at least 3 or 4 drives that way. They were all connected to a PERC controller which threw me off. While I have most of the backups and disconnected some drives hosing my VM and trueNAS itself It would be nice to see if I can recover the drives.

One has one SSD with my ix-… apps partition which were backed up to a ZFS volume that got blown away as well. Is there any way to get those to load drives back in TrueNas?

Two had simple 4 TB volume for backups of other home pcs and Macs

Thrid had ZFS with 3 drives in RAID configuration.

I have found a post from someone else that did the same thing and they were able to recover somehow.

Here is how they look like in TN. ( I can see them exported with the Names still there )

Here is the screen where I nuked them. I have not done any operations on those drives using any software. Hoping someone has some information on how to go from here that allows to bring the data back.

Shouldn’t be too hard. Just have to recreate the partition table with the correct offsets - but it is something TrueNAS will not fix for you automatically.

Someone will probably come along soon with the correct description of the partition layout…

Maybe if you run parted over an affected device it will spot the corruption and offer to restore the gpt backup from the end of the disk

Worth a shot, but I’d expect all the copies to have been wiped.

There’s also the testdisk utility. However, I’m not sure if it works with recent ZFS partitions. (There are mixed results, and it depends how much was removed by the Windows software.)

So it turns out that testdisk won’t find the lost partitions.

Would anyone have any other ideas to try.