Lost users and groups in web UI after SCALE-24.04.0 upgrade

Hello all,

I’ve been playing around with Scale and lurking here for for about two years now, mostly trying to get a grip of Scale, and its ACLs and such in SMB, for a potential future use at a university department. This is my first question here, since I seem to be stuck. Suppose I just should revert back to Bluefin.

I just upgraded from 22.12.1 to 24.04.0, with a brief fat-fingered detour over 23.10. This lab server is a HP Z2 G5 tower workstation, Intel(R) Core i7-10700 CPU, 2.90GHz, 32 GB RAM, with a RAIDZ1 pool, 4 wide 3.64 TiB with Samsung ssd 870 evo 4TB ssds, and a Samsung MZVLB512HBJQ M.2 boot ssd.

The server is only set up for SMB, no virtualisation or apps.

What I’ve got now is a working server, but neither the root or admin account can see or add any of the (still working) user accounts or groups in the web UI. I do get a nice enough page for both of them, showing a list with “No Users”.

I haven’t found any bug reports or threads here showing anything like this. A couple of reboots hasn’t helped anything.

While I was at it, I also upgraded a second, simpler lab machine that was intended as a target for zfs replication that I hoped to get working after the latest upgrades. That one has been set up with the same versions of Scale as the first one all along, apart from today getting the upgrade directly from 22.12.1 to 24.04.0, without the detour over 23. That second server is doing OK after the upgrade.

So, what would be the TrueNas way to manage this? Should I just revert to the latest v 22 and wait for an update, should I make a full bug report on this, or is there some magic touch I should know of? I’ve got backups of the configs, and zfs replicas of the storage, so I’m far off from panic yet.

You need to force reload the web ui in your browser after an upgrade

(The old UI gets cached by the browser)

Or tell your browser to clear its cache.

Now that’s just plain silly! It did work! Just the kind of answer one needs 25 years as a sysadmin to not think of, especially if one hadn’t even visited those pages for a couple of months.


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