Low cost 10Gb/2.5Gb Network Switch

I recently purchased a low-cost 2.5Gb switch. It is a Aumox 8x2.5Gb + 1x10Gb. It is similar to this Aumox 5 Port 2.5G Network available on Amazon for $70. Has anyone had experience with these inexpensive switches? I hope to post some performance numbers once I have it all connected but I will need to get a 2.5Gb NIC. I had seen a lot of pushback on the realtek NIC for use in TrueNAS. I would use the Realtek in my Windows client. I understand that Realtek is not up to the server tasks, but can I expect it to holdup as a client. I got a special price on the Aumox switch, and I have a couple of remote clients I cannot extend my 10Gb network to.

Realtek NICs should be fine in WIndows clients. For the switch, ServeTheHome has reviewed a few of these cheap units with 1-2 10 GbE ports alongside 2.5 GbE ports; see if you can find yours, or a similarly spec’ed device in there to know what to expect.

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