LSI SAS controller not identifying drive serials or other info

Some time ago jgrecco did some research on LSI contriller cards, and he and I had conversation regarding FAKE cards. I see the discusson on the old forum.

I recently had a drive failure on my TruNAS backup mirror. I mirror via replication using Pull from the backup box.

When I looked to find out what the serial number of the failed drive was - nothing was displayed, I remember this from the setup of this box 14 months ago, but brushed it off at that time.

(My Main NAS (TrueNAS) also has an LSI card in it and the identification does work. I’m not brave enough to risk breaking my working LSI card to read it’s configuration. )

I rebuilt the card configuration completely when I put the new WD 6TB drive in place. Still no identifier. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I wonder if anyone else has had this challenge and what I might need to resove the issue.

Happy Trails :star_struck: