LSI9300 and TrueNAS firmware update

I’m sorry if this topic is not directly related to TrueNAS but maybe somebody could guide me through this. I have no idea where else to ask my questions.
There is LSI 9300-xx Firmware Update | TrueNAS Community firmware for LSI3008/9300 cards made by TrueNAS team and Broadcom in collaboration if i understood it right.
Are there any more recent updates on this cards firmware? Found this topic Scrub task stuck - #11 by imvi but i’m not sure if mentioned 16.00.14 firmware is for generic LSI 9300 cards.
I’m trying to figure all this out because i found some kind of regress between latest broadcom available 16.00.10 and “TrueNAS-made” 16.00.12 firmwares.
I have linux storage servers of 8x8tb sata enterprise ssds (kingston SEDC600M7680G on 2 servers and Samsung PM893 on third server) with classic mdadm. fstrim -av command takes about 5-20 minutes (depends on dirtiness of storage blocks) on 16.00.10 firmware (discard speed in iostat is about 14-20GB/s on each ssd) and on 16.00.12 firmware it takes about 12-14(!!!) hours with discard speed ~128MB/s on each device! I rechecked it several times on one of the servers with reflashing my 9300 card between two firmwares.
Are discard speeds on .10 firmware fake maybe?
Is it safe to try to flash card with Supermicro’s .14 version of firmware?
Any other thoughts on this situation?
Maybe problem is well known but i did not find any related topic…

Checked it myself, sas3flsh refused to flash supermicro’s firmware due to vendor and subsystem id mismatch or something like that.