Making Nextcloud accessible outside network on Truenas Scale

I need help with NextCloud. I already install the NextCloud and it runs like normal on local but I want it to be accessible outside of my home. So, I install nginx and portainer inside ubuntu server on truenas scale which I follow the instructions from Sauber-Lab UK on YouTube. And after I assign IP and everything with duckdns and nginx the website says that it is unreachable. Well I don’t know what to do anymore because I have doing this like 3 days but no hope. I don’t care if I have to start from scratch atleast I want the NextCloud online outside of home network. Thanks in advance.

Other than it’s not working you didn’t give us anything to work with. We need information on what exactly you configured to see where something went wrong. Don’t assume people will google the video, watch it and assume you did 1:1 what was done there. It should be working then too I assume.

Provide information on your setup in detail please.

Do you really need to publicly expose nextcloud? Would a VPN work too?