Memes! TrueNAS, ZFS, and related | (Share your own!)

Not to mention who is the elephant?

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The cynic in me wants to say Kubernetes.

Giants from a far-away land, very flashy and intimidating, supposedly very capable. Ultimately not very relevant to the goals of the operation, replaced with good old mercenaries… I mean, less-hated Docker (Compose).


The 1990 version of the 640k meme was “64k is enough and more than more folks can afford so set the limit to 640 'cause thats 10x what people will be able to afford anyway”

PS “They” were wrong

Hot take: Scale is the Holy Roman Empire of storage OSes, in that half the name is aspirational and the other half is a ridiculous farce.

(I can make this joke because we use Gluster at work and know iX’s pain)


Hot take: btrfs is the Columbus of filesystems.

Incompetent to a ludicrous degree, stumbled upon accidental relevance.

OK, that might be too harsh on btrfs, they only had like 15 years to learn from ZFS. Columbus had 1500 years to learn from Eratosthenes (more like 1700 really, but we’ll be charitable and give him a 200-year handicap due to the library of Alexandria burning down).


At least you didn’t say the Avignon Papacy of storage OSes…

You heard it here folks, @ericloewe predicts a 1000 year reign of SCALE!


Whoa! Cart before the horse. There wasn’t a mention of the current era so be careful of what you wish.

However, it does seem like the CORE users have been saying: ‘Cry ‘Havoc!’ and let slip the dogs of war’. At least that’s how it seems to me. Et Tu Brute?

I would compare TN to the Roman Empire.

Does that make FreeNAS the Roman Republic?


Yup. And the Basiléus of SCALE @kris resides in Byzantium.

Who would you compare Cyberjock to? Caesar?

Senza titolo

Click the meme for context.


Looking to buy ultra-cheap AM4 motherboards that apparently fell off the back of a truck and straight into this one German store’s stockroom?

No, rescuing one Datto-rebranded Gigabyte equivalent of a X10SDV-4C-TLN2F from becoming e-waste.

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