Messed up Nextcloud update to V2.07 and need advice

Updating from Nextcloud V1.6.x to V2.07 failed and I messed it up worse by rolling back and then ended up getting scared when the config was different when trying to re-install. I have the “nextcloud data volume” and “postgres data volume” folders intact in my /mnt/tank. I’m a noobie to k3s/containers.
My question is what direction should I go from here.

  1. Should I Upgrade from bluefin to dragonfish?
  2. Should I Install a new fresh nextcloud 2.0.7 app and try to somehow import the data from my old instance?
  3. Should I even be using apps or is there a better way if I only use SMB & nextcloud + colabra?
    P.S. I just learned about snapshots today after I messed the whole thing up