Micron nvme for slog, experiences?

We have a dell R720 and want to add a slog, I know optanes would be best but our options are limited. We can get Micron nvmes so hoping someone with experience here can advise? Should I try to run them in a mirror? I will over provision but also aware of limited slots available. Lastly, as they don’t have native nvme options I will need to get a pci Express card, would a standard / inexpensive card work?

Write-intensive enterprise drives with PLP should be acceptable SLOGs. Mirroring is not necessary, unless “high-avalability” or “many 9s” are equired—but then you should have the budget for Optane.
As for adapters, PCIe lanes are PCIe lanes, so, yes, the standard-and-cheap variety from Shenzhen should work.

You want a drive with high TBW as well as high DWPD. PLP would be nice too, but that can usually be forgo in favour of increased resilience if you have an UPS.

Which models are you looking at? A previous user benchmarked the Micron 9300 MAX here:

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