"Middleware not running" After Import from CORE to SCALE

Trying to upgrade from CORE 13.0U6 to SCALE 23.10.2. I had CORE installed on a USB flash drive (which I know is not recommended any more) so installed SCALE on a pair of 250G SSDs, which worked fine. Was able to log into the UI and import my config, and then it rebooted. Now it just says:

“Middleware not running” and talks about pressing enter to enable a CLI mode. I have no idea what to do from here.


  1. For the moment I would put the USB Flash drive back in and get it running again whilst you research. USB Flash drives have not been supported for a number of CORE versions, even since the configuration started to be saved every 5 minutes producing a lot of writes - I am surprised that your USB stick is still alive.

  2. I am not sure that the upgrade route you are using is supported i.e. importing a CORE configuration file into a new SCALE installation. You need to research this. It may be that the only supported upgrade is an upgrade in place.

  3. So once you are researched on how to do it, I would copy the OS from the USB stick to one of the SSDs, boot off that and make sure that everything in CORE is working as before. Then I would do an upgrade in place and make sure it is all working, then mirror the drive. At any point you should be able to put the USB stick back in and boot if the upgrade fails to work using this method.

Thank you for the response. Much appreciated. I’ll answer your questions, then I have some new information.

  1. That is what I did. It’s working fine off the flash drive. Yes I know its not been supported, in fact, this has been running since it was FreeNAS 10 I believe! I guess I both picked a good drive and got lucky. But that’s why I’m switching it finally (been wanting to do it for a year).
  2. Based on the Documentation it is supported.
  3. I may look into that if I can’t figure this out. Honestly, 24.04 is out soon, so I may wait for that first before I go that route. I’d love to do a clean install.

Okay, now the new information. I looked through syslog, and found when it was trying to start the middleware, it threw an error:

truenas middlewared[1236]: sqlalchemy.exc.OperationalError: (sqlite3.OperationalError) no such column: system_settings.stg_guiallowlist

I’ll research what that means and if I can fix it.

I think it means that a new install and config import doesn’t work. If it is supposed to work, then it’s a bug.

Since this is a live system, I would not wait for 24.04 because you don’t want to install the day 0 release and be the ones to find bugs, nor do you want to wait and risk the USB flash drive dying.

At a minimum, transfer your existing CORE system to one of the SSDs. (I wouldn’t mirror yet - keep the USB as a backup boot drive and the 2nd SSD for saving another copy before you do the actual upgrade in place.)

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I’d report it as a bug since the transition from CORE to SCALE should be pretty painless besides Jails.

How did you perform the upgrade? The SQL error indicates that the database did not complete the normal migration process.

I think it’s a bug too. I don’t want to mess with transferring anything yet. I would be much easier to just move to the SSDs. I agree that maybe not doing the first 24.04 release would be safe, so I will late for the next minor version.

Thank you. I felt it was a bug too. I have filed on: Log in with Atlassian account

Just imported it via the web config UI as the instructed said, and rebooted when it asked. I didn’t do anything special.

Just FYI for anyone still reading, I have sent the files they needed for the bug report. Hopefully they can figure out what is wrong!

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Already they confirmed its a bug and its already fixed for 24.04.1, so I will wait til then to upgrade. Will post when its out and I try!