Migrating apps to new SSD/pool

Hi there, I’d like to add an SSD to my setup and move my apps dataset on there. (Dragonfish-24.04.0)

I currently have one RAIDZ2 VDEV with 6 disks, only one pool with one dataset that has my apps as well as some other files and data in it. (and some apps need access to those files)

Here’s what I think I need to do:

  • Plug in the new SSD
  • Create a new pool and assign the SSD to it (not worried about redundancy here as the apps will be backed up regularly, so it will be just the one SSD in this new pool)
  • Go to ‘apps’ and ‘choose pool’ and choose the new pool

If this is indeed as simple as that, a couple of questions:

  • I think the system might even migrate all the applications for me on the new pool, is that right? How reliable is that feature, is it likely to break some stuff?
  • Will the apps and my files being in different pools be an issue, or will the apps still have access to the files in the other pool?


Are you already running apps, and if yes do those apps use databases like cnpg? Because apps with databases, at least according to truecharts, dont migrate automatically and need manual intervention.

Good to know, thanks! I can reinstall those few apps easily.