Migrating Core to Scale for Plex Hardware acceleration

Hello there.
Reading here and there I understood that iGPU acceleration is not available in Plex on Truenas core (that I’m currently running).
I’m planning to migrate to Truenas Scale in order to getting my AMD iGPU recognized and used by the system.
My question is:

since I have Plex, Qbittorrent and Syncthing currently running, should I expect any issue after migration?

Will my AMD iGPU being recognized and used in Plex?


I do not think Plex has ever support transcoding with SMD GPUs on Linux, their support page also just lists Intel and Nvidia on Linux: Using Hardware-Accelerated Streaming | Plex Support

I might of course be wrong.

great, so any effort would be useless…
thanks for the link :slight_smile: