Migrating from USB stick to USB external disk as boot

10 years ago built a NAS to have as backup at parents. Use a VPN to their router. IPMI to remotely boot NAS & then Resilio Sync to sync +6TB of data over Internet. Shutdown NAS after sync done. Works flawlessly & fast.

Used all 6 slots for harddrives so have a 16GB USB stick as boot disk. Managed to do updates up to TrueNAS U5.3 but whenever I try to update to U6 download fails. I guess it’s because the USB stick can’t write quick enough. So have been thinking about replacing the USB stick with an external USB drive instead.

How can I do this? Any tips or links to info on how to do it would be appreciated.

Encrypted ZFS2 pool. Resilio Sync in a Jail.

Boot drives are designed to be easily replaceable. You can export your configuration and then reimport it on a new drive after reinstalling TrueNAS on it.
Make sure your encryption keys for encrypted pools are backed up!

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Thanks! Was pretty easy. Saved config with both checkboxes checked. Replaced old USB boot stick with USB disk, booted and installed TrueNAS from install boot USB stick.

Import old config from WebUI, done!

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