Migrating to another TrueNas Core

Hello Everyone,

I need some help … My Current Truenas Core system is being decommissioned and I need to move all the current data in the pool to my new Truenas Mini R …

But I cant seem to figure it out …

I have created my pool and dataset’s on the Mini R and the smb share’s … just like the current Truenas that I am running …

I tried to do replication but when I do that its not copying over all the data and the datasets get changed and I can no longer access them or make changes … and yes I am unchecking the box for read only …

So could use some advice on how I get my data moved over …

I could always use windows and robo copy or something like that … but thought I would ask here first …

Thanks for the help …

Hello StarTrek133,

Are you still working on this?

If so,

  1. Did you configure the Replication task on the old server or the new?
  2. Did you select individual datasets to replicate? Or are you replicating the entire pool?
  3. Does the Replication task generate any alerts?
  4. Please share the configuration of the Replication task (a screen-shot would be fine).
  5. Also, please share the hierarchical structure of your datasets.



Also, please describe more fully the symptoms, e.g.,

  1. Some data replicates, but not all?
  2. How do the datasets get changed? Permissions? File names? Content?
  3. How are you trying to access the datasets (when data access fails)?
  4. How are you trying to make changes to the datasets (when the changes fail)?